Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smile Smile Smile

Duper happy! Found such a gorgeous gorgeous gown today at La Vie! 

Breathtaking I would say! Everything about the dress from the lace, the tail to the creative yet elegant accessories that I personally saw the designer, Jeff fix up for the other bride!

So lucky that Jeff is such a sincere, thoughtful and creative person. Felt so taken care of and his dedication to his craft and holistic consideration of the couple was quite heartwarming!:) Left the bridal studio with much positive energy n look forward to our upcoming wedding!

Felt so much love from dad and mom and aixin too. Credits really go to dad and mom for taking time to actually search for the bridal gown shops. Their support and presence made the whole gown choosing experience really wholesome :) I'm so touched, and really must count my blessings!

whee! dint quite expect that I would get so excited by my wedding gown!:D

Another super happy thing- finally got the perfect name and permutation to fit 69 points after being stuck at it for so long! Elated!!!!! Love the name!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to my dearest mommy!!!!!

what a happy day today! Happy I sorted much thoughts out too :) Happyyappywookietart is me!

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