Monday, June 25, 2012

Random smiles, lost in time.

Sent myself loads of photos from Justen's phone! Now its really a catalogue!
On the Wedding Tatler's magazine at Starbucks featuring the Ballerine ring!!! :D Such a lovely advertisement!! Encapsulates all the things I love :) the gorgeous pink sunset, the water colour eiffel in the background, the tender pink rose and the elegant ballerine with its curves:)
I'm a lucky girl with a handsome and caring fiance!:D

The First Photoshoot -
Having a break at the O'leary's bar at the flyer after the intensive 2hour photoshoot!

The makeup on the photoshoot actually looks quite nice on the photos! Although in real life, I did felt a tad uncomfortable in it and thought it looked very roughly done looking at the mirror.

The night shot with Justen's photographer friends at the Helix Bridge :) The royal blue gown is quite photogenic:)

Our date night at Overeasy :)

 My Bday 2011!:)

Sharing a pizza at Timbre@Mt Sophia.
Note the funny expressions as we were just having a bicker before the photo :(

At Chin Chin restaurant with zichar food! :)

A catalogue of my daily chronicles!
Crystel Diorre

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