Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Surprise fr BKK!

Look what Dad and Mom got me from Bangkok. Such a sweet surprise! :)

It was in my mind to get myself a chanel bag as the double c emblem truly worked well for me. But never did expect dad and mom to really get it for me! I truly wonder what I did to be so blessed this life! Although I do not covet these things and try to live humbly, I am truly blessed that I am showered by these gifts. It makes it even more meaningful of the thoughts of my loved ones behind these gifts.

Will really treasure it and work doubly hard to get our family business up and create a legacy of the business for the next decades to come. I must also be a good and filial daughter and vow to take care of my parents and shower them with the same love that they have showered me with. Truly grateful!

Truly blessed. May I continue to live each day earnestly and appreciate all that I am blessed with.

Crystel Diorre

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