Thursday, June 21, 2012

Midweek in photos!

The very hardworking (and cute) Cpt Smith At Starbucks catching up on his readings!!!

Bringing out my new chanel out to work for the first time, in Classique black n white.
Lately I've been seeing really interesting cases at work.. a radius/ulna that was fractured in 5 segments (Gosh ouch!!!! probably the worst fracture I've seen in these years); a hairy fingertip post amputation (imagine a hairy fingertip!:P), and a Russian patient who in my opinion, looks like the classic beautiful russian lady. On closer examination, I find that their distinctive russian look is constituted by the tall shapey figures, asian coloured skin and hair,with sharp european features. Very interesting!

On thursday, met pretty Grace for dinner at Marmalade pantry! The portions were huge n we cdn't finish  half of our food! 
Spinach, poached egg, grilled tomatoes and fried cheese.
I like this better! Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, sausages and fries!

With so many brunch places mushrooming all over Sg, it seems that the quintessential Brunch is quickly becoming an integral lifestyle of Singaporeans now. :)

On a bimbotic sidenote, I love these hairstyles!! Perhaps I should go for a perm n try a wacky loud colour!;) Whee!

Midweek has been awesome! :D
Crystel Diorre

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