Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mommy's Birthday!

It was an early birthday celebration for Mom as Dad and Mom were gonna go to Bangkok for the weekend! And after much consideration, we went to Central Thai at Terminal 2 and I have to say the food was fab!!!

 Tasty dishes one after another! The unmissable tomyam soup was burning hot though. But really tasty dishes! And it was great that the restaurant was not too crowded and we had a round table quite to ourselves. Service was great too!:)

Our beautiful birthday girl who really looks 10 years lesser than her age!:D
So cute my dearest Dad and Mom :) Lao boyfriend and girlfriend :)
Mommy happily holding her lilies.:) The mango moose cake that Aixin and Lyn got was really yummy too!
The whole happy and full gang! :D Its really happy that our families really get together for a celebration! :)

Didn't take a picture, but mom loved her new gold ring that we got for her too!:) Love to buy gold as gifts these days! Great value in sentiment, style and value :D

And the next event coming up... Dad's birthday!!!  :):):)

Crystel Diorre

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