Monday, June 25, 2012

Good Good Week!:)

Loving my girly tulle dress and discovered that shoes with ankle straps are a breeze to walk in!! I guess it holds the ankle in place and prevents the foot from sliding downwards that's why.
Going to see if I should modify my crystal glass slippers to add on an ankle strap so that I can walk securely on the big day :)
Finally found a videographer thats reasonable with good quality! But so sad to know that they are not available. May we find another videographer that's good yet reasonable!

And on sunday evening we went for.............
GUSH!!!! MA LA HUO GUO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!With the super thinly sliced pork!!!!!
Can't believe I was so super greedy for it that I kept bugging Justen to go back for this on the consecutive second day!!!!!!!! Wahahaha. And I usually hate steamboats AND pork, and NEVER a Foodie!!! But the combination was really so awesome!!
Bubbling MA LA Hotpot!!!!! Whets the appetite to the max!

Then Monday after work... we went to revisit a teenage super favourite hobby.....

OMG so super fun!!! Havn't played pool for soooo long!!!!
It was even more fun for Justen as he took his time thrashing me ball after ball! :(
Had this fizzy drink with cucumber and mint. It was a very interesting and refreshing drink and you could taste the fresh cucumber bits. Not too sweet nor tasteless.
The top was also coated with sugar so that you could lick it before taking a sip to maximise the flavour, a la a tequila shot. I really like this idea.
Dinner wasn't fab, but its great to have vegetable and clear soup for a change after two days straight of ma la huo guo :P

Great good week hooray!!!

Crystel Diorre

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