Sunday, June 17, 2012

Curla :)

Went for a haircut at Hair Couture today and I think the stylist did a great job! She even taught me how to style my hair the proper way using curling tongs.

The last time I curled my hair on my own, the curls couldn't hold up for an hour! Plus the recent hair 'disaster'(i;e shaggy half curled hair after an hour) at the first pre wedding photoshoot, I was pretty skeptical of curling my hair. But to my surprise, these curls lasted throughout the evening and held up really well! Best of all it only took 10 mins to curl and minimum product required. Basically, she only sprayed some hair spray to hold the curls. I also felt there was minimal damage done to my tresses this way.

Love my curls! Apparently, if I do a digital perm, the curls will look this way! Though, I would still prefer a bit more volume at the crown. Will consider doing a perm but would have to look up more types of perm/looks first! Meantime, will be happy tonging my hair when i feel like it!:D

Crystel Diorre

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